How to Buy a New Bed Sheet

  Keep in mind when buying a bed sheet for your bedroom that you will want to match your existing decor, unless you are buying a whole new bedroom set, which is the most fun but also the most expensive option. A lighter colored bed sheet will show stains, but the darker ones will fade easier. Also, if you are getting a pattern you will want some element of it to coordinate with your bedroom and you will want to make sure the pattern willl not clash with any other patterns you already have in your room.

Make sure you choose the right size. In addition to twin, full, queen, king, or California King, you will need the depth of the mattress. If you have a deep mattress, you'll want to make sure that you get the deep pocket sheets so that the bottom sheet will go all the way to the bottom of your mattress and that you have enough fabric to tuck it in. There is nothing worse than waking up in the middle of the night with the bed sheet coming off of your mattress and you find yourself sleeping on top of the mattress instead of the sheet. This happens to me sometimes when I am staying at a motel and I hate it! Usually this happens because the maid has put the bottom sheet on in the wrong direction.

What type of fabric do you like for your sheets? A lot of people don't really think of the type of fabric when they are buying bedding sheets, they go more for the aesthetic appeal. The type of fabric that you are sleeping on can have a large impact on the comfort of your sleep. Silk, in my opinion, would be the ultimate sleeping experience. However, real silk sheets, not the fake ones, can run you over $1000. And the fake silk sheets just do not have the same feel. Satin can often be confused with silk, but once you have felt the difference you will not be able to make that mistake.

Cotton is the most common fabric used for a bed sheet. But even with cotton there is a large variety in the type of cotton that is used. There is Egyptian cotton, which is the highest quality, best cotton that can be used for a bed sheet. Then there is regular cotton, which can be 100% cotton or a cotton blend. With the blends you are getting some of the features that you cannot get with 100% cotton, such as the sheen on a sheet, or wrinkle free. Other products that are used to produce bedsheets is bamboo and hemp. Cotton, Bamboo and Hemp are all choices for natural bedding. You may think that bamboo or hemp would be rough to the touch, but these fabrics can be very soft to the touch. To add to the choices, you can have regular fabrics or organic fabrics. If you are concerned about the environment or health choices, organic bedding is a good choice, but make sure you choose certified organic. So many choices!

Once you've chosen the type of fabric that you want, you'll want to look at the quality of the product. The amount of money you will want to spend for your new bed sheet is directly proportionate to the quality of the fabric that you will choose. And of course that will be dependent upon the type of use you have planned for your new bed sheet. If you will be using this bedsheet as a beach blanket, then I suggest that you go for the lowest quality sheet you can find. After all, it will be blasted with sand and soaked with salt water. So you won't want to spend a lot of money on it. If you're using your new bed sheet in a guest room, then you'll probably want to get something that is going to be comfortable for your guests to sleep on, without costing you a lot of money. If you grab something around the 300 thread count range, it should be comfortable without being scratchy. That is the range where the line is drawn between poor and good quality.

If you are buying a new bed sheet for your own bed, you will of course want to get the best quality that you can afford. There is some controversy regarding thread counts. While most people agree that a quality thread count starts at 300, the controversy comes in the higher range thread counts. Some people feel that once you get beyond the 800 thread count range the quality does not improve. I say test it for yourself. Some people have more nerve endings in their skin than others, the same as some people have a better sense of smell than others and some have better eyesight than others. To me it makes sense that if you are squeezing 1500 threads into a single square inch as opposed to 800 threads squeezed into the same square inch, that there must be a difference. Whether that difference can be felt by you, only you can tell. But if you are one of the people who can tell the difference you will want to get what feels best to you.

The next step in the process, it is to shop until you drop! If you are like me you like to get the very best quality at the very lowest price. I don't mind spending a little time shopping around, if it will help me to find the best bang for my buck. Many times, if you are willing to do a little shopping around you can find clearance prices on your new bed sheet. Just because it is clearance, does not mean that it is in inferior in quality, it simply means that it is the last of that product, and they are wanting to move the old product out so they can bring the new products in. Bonus for you! If you do not like to comparison shop, I suggest you go to a store or estore that specializes in bed sheets and find a product there. They will have the best selection and a good range of prices.

Here are some other suggestions for using your new bedsheet, besides putting on your bed. Use it as a very large beach towel, the sand shakes out of it nicely and it folds up much smaller than a beach towel and will fit better in your bag. Use it as a table covering. Use it as a backing for a quilt. Use it as a curtain, just remove the stitching from either side of the top hem, and you have a place to insert the curtain rod. Use it as a floor covering for a baby to lay on to play. Fold it up and put it on a tabletop to use as padding to iron on if you do not have an ironing board. Attach it to your gazebo in the summer, inside the netting to create shade.

King Size Bed Sheets

To spruce up your king size bed and to prevent the mattress from being soiled, you need king size bed sheets. These sheets are available in various materials such as cotton, flannel, silk, polyester etc. Cotton king bed sheets are ideal for every day use, whereas occasionally, you might want to move up to silk sheets. Either way, it is advisable to have different types of bedding to recharge and brighten up your bedroom.

Harlow King Sheet Set: This set is made of beautifully designed flat sheets, fitted sheets and two pillow covers. The sheet is made in pure cotton with 400-thread count. The superior quality cotton and close construction of the sheets ensure that they will provide a comfortable night's sleep. This set is extra soft and durable but are machine washable. The bed sheet set is priced at $180 and is available in two colors, charcoal grey and blue. The design of the bed sheet is simple yet elegant.

Tempest King Sheet Set: Do you want to know what it feels like to be a king? Select this royal golden shade bedding set by Tempest. The bed sheet is made in pure cotton with solid 400-thread count.

This Tempest set is made of a flat sheet, a fitted sheet and two pillow covers in king size and is available for around $220. They will absolutely enhance the beauty of your room with its golden color. and is an absolute must if you want to live in luxury every single night.

Etoile King Sheet Set: These sheets are for those who have an aura of sophistication about them. The bed sheet set contains fitted sheet, two pillow covers, and a flat sheet in beautiful ivory color. The pillow covers and the flat sheet hem contain detailed pin tucks which makes them look absolutely stunning. They are made with 300 thread count pure cotton thread. The bed sheet is suitable for machine wash; hence, you need not worry about its light color. The light color of the bed sheet brightens the room and matches with the bed. The sheet is available for $110.

Pure Beech Sateen King Sheet Set: Who said you need to spend lots of money for elegant bedding? This beautiful satin king bed sheet set is available for$100. They are made using strong fiber that is regenerated from the Beachwood trees in Europe and hence the bed sheet is eco friendly too. The beautiful melon color of the bed sheet will spice up the room. The fabric is 100% modal with a thread count of 250. No pesticide or toxic material is used in making of these sheets and they are so soft it is much liking sleeping on a cloud (if you have ever done that).

Don't just buy your bed sheets willy-nilly. You will be sleeping on them every night for years to come, and you definitely want to make sure that you get sheets that fit and will be comfortable.

One of the first things you need to understand is the thread count and how they affect the quality of the sheet. The thread count is the number of threads per square inch. The thread count works in both directions as the sheets are made by crossing threads vertically and horizontally one on top of the other. Usually sheets with a higher thread count feel much more comfortable, but they are also made of thinner sheets so they tend to wear faster. However, a low thread count generally feels scratchy and rough.

Secondly you should understand the different types of fabrics, and you should definitely choose the best you can afford. The most popular sheet fabric is cotton but cotton tends to wrinkle. Flannel is good for those cold, warmer nights. Satin and silk feel smooth and soft. A good idea when choosing which type of fabric to use it to buy pillowcases in various fabric types and sleep on them for a few nights. You will quickly learn which type of fabric you like the best.

Finally, be sure to buy at least 2 sets of sheets that you like. Otherwise you will find yourself having to wash the same set over and over again with no backup. There is nothing like relaxing in the bed and spilling some wine or juice all over the bed right before you go to sleep. If you only bought one pair of sheets, you will be out of luck that night! This brings up one more point - be sure to follow the manufacturer's instructions for washing your sheets. You don't want to ruin the sheets you just bought!


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