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Quality Video Content - Creating Top Quality Video for Your Web Content

 Home made Web video used to be kind of a joke. Unless you were either putting up a home video for folks to laugh at or you were an aspiring pornographer, most of the content was low quality, badly framed junk with scratchy sound. Those days are past, with the explosion of YouTube, affordable digital video cameras, microphones for Web content and user-friendly software to put all the parts together. Now, just plain folks can create quality video content. Whether you want to create short commercials, full-length infomercials, teaching/training pieces, entertainment with a message or testimonials, the technology and skill you need is easy to acquire. While there are now plenty of folks willing to grab a big chunk of your cash to show you how, you can do a bit of your own research and weed out the "overpromise and underdeliver" types yourself. You'll need to understand the basics of why you should use video, common mistakes in making one, cameras, lighting, microphones, comp